Sunday, December 26, 2010

After Christmas Bargain Sales

Now is the time to start watching for those after Christmas sales!
Store are wanting to clear out left over Christmas merchandise and you can
really get some good deals, 50% to Over 80% off on a lot of items.
Christmas wrapping paper and other present items are especially cheap!
Walmorts,Target and others usually have some fantastic bargains in
these areas. Time to stock up now for next Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you later.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Final Day for Christmas Shopping Savings!

Well we are down to the Wire! Tomorrow is the last day to get those store bargains.
Tons of sales are going on right now! Traffic is maddening, so be extra careful, you don't need any traffic wrecks to spoil your last minute shopping! Walmart will be closed for Christmas, so if you need anything from them, better get it now!

Your list will come in extra handy right now and so will advanced planning for your
trips! Ask friends where the best bargains are, use all the resources, that you can get your hands on! Well good luck and happy hunting. Until next time Gary! Sphere: Related Content

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas gift Savings number 4

This is the big week,,,tiger and most online stores will be running big sales this week to make big money!

Be prepared for them is half the battle! Check Google Go here and other search engines to find great sales!

Google Places will show locations of local stores in your area. Write down directions of stores you are unsure of how to get there! Time is money and can make the difference in getting that last minute item or toy you wanted!

Make sure you have extra change for the parking meters and toll roads, if you travel on one. Don't over doing it and rest occasionally and get something to drink!

Discuss shopping plans and tips with friends, anything to make your trips easier. Enjoy yourself and save some money. Till next time,

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to Save Big on Christmas Gifts-3

Were back again, I thought of another site last night and it is another biggie. Ebid, it is one of the best sites for getting low cost items with high price tags! Here is the link:Go Here

Also a new site has great group buying deals.Go Here

Now for a shopping trip tips. It is all in the planning! If you can do like my wife did before she died. She went to sales all year long and got some great items when different stores had extra special sales!
* Save extra money all year for these sales, $10.00 a week adds up to $520.00 a year not bad!
* Find out what everyone wants ahead of time!
* Make up your shopping battle plan in advance, list the stores you want to go to and stick to the plan!
* Save them coupons ahead of time!
* Join Sam's Club or Costco, they have some extremely good deals from time to time!
* Ask you friends and neighbors to keep a lookout for specials for you.
These tips can save you a pretty good sum over the year.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Save Big on Christmas Presents-Part 2

Here we go again, sorry I forgot to add links to these sites, so here they are.

1. Shop NOW-Go Here

2.Price Watch-Go Here

3.Ecost-Go Here

4. Amazon DotCom-Go Here

5.Tiger Direct-Go Here

Here are 2 more sights, that I left out.

6.Ebay-Go Here

7.Half DotCom-Go Now

These are just a few of the many online savings places. You can find many more at Google-Go Here

Please send more so they can be posted here, until next time.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Save Big on Christmas Gifts!

Hello as the Guy said in Independance Day Movie, I am back! I have been battling sickness and other problems here lately. I this session, we are going to cover sites that will give you Great Discounts on gifts and save you a ton of money!

1. Ecost-great discounts up to 70% or more.
2. Price Watch- this site monitors other sites for bargains.

3.Shop Now- This site also monitors other site for bargains.
4.Tiger Direct - Great site for computers bargains.
5. Amazon Dotcom- they are having grat bargains right now on christmas gifts.

These shoud keep you busy for now, will add more as I find them. Let me know, if you have a favorite! Till next time.

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